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Currently Keywony is only available for Wordpress. We will release it in the future for websites and other blogging platforms.

Absolutely no. Keywony is meant to help the user explore a topic further. The reader is never forced to click on a link. We actively monitor all our partner’s websites to ensure they adhere to our guidelines; any abuse will result in account closure and loss of income.  We only work with high quality publishers who are looking for long term income and not "a quick buck"!

No, on click, we open a new tab for the user. This way the website they came from is open on their browser. If they wish they can return to that website and continue.

The focus on your content should be to provide the reader the knowledge, advice, opinion or update they are interested in. Focus on the quality of your content and think of Keywony as an additional tool for the user. We don’t suggest writing content specifically to work with Keywony.

We pay our publisher partners on net50 terms and provide payment via PayPal, Venmo, TransferWise, Google Pay, Check, or Wire.

Yes, Mobirise is free for both non-profit and commercial sites.

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